Plan a Festive Holiday Wreath in Primavera P6

gantt chart xmas wreath prrimavera p6

Back by popular demand is another festorial in Primavera P6. Who says the lowly Gantt Charts can't be fun & festive? In the spirits of the holidays (and of using Project Management software in ways never intended), I'd like to present you with an Advanced-level Festorial on creating a holiday wreath. Show off your skills, impress your project controls manager (or your planners) and make your contractors jealous when you drum up this dandy Gantt-chart wizardry on the P6 Gantt … [Read more...]

The One Indicator That Can Foil Your Excel Import into Primavera P6

excel import into p6 foiled

There is the temptation to think that because you can export a data field from Primavera P6 to Excel that you can import the same data field back to Primavera P6 after manipulating the field’s data in Excel. If you have ever imported data into Primavera P6 using Excel, you would have experienced instances where despite getting the familiar message of a successful import, some of the changes you made in Excel were not reflected in Primavera P6. The reason for this is that Primavera P6 uses … [Read more...]

How to Print a Calendar from Primavera P6, with some help

primavera p6 print calendar

In this quick tutorial we show how to create a 12-month formatted calendar in Excel based on the data extracted from an xer file using the handy Xer-Reader utility. Hopefully I will soon provide a more technical explanation on how the code works in the xer reader wiki. Michael has written an excellent article about calendars go and read it. 1) Get a Copy of the Xer-Reader Utility If you don't have a copy of the excel-based Xer-Reader utility, get it now. We are going to use the ABP CST … [Read more...]

A Quick Fix to Import an XER File From a Newer Version of Primavera P6

Import XER File in Primavera P6 Software

To import a newer version XER file to an older version of Oracle Primavera P6 installed on your computer, follow this quick fix. 1) Open the XER file in any text editor like Windows Notepad.  2) On the very first line, you should see the version of Oracle Primavera P6 that this XER file was saved in. Edit the version in the file to match the version installed on your machine. You can check the Version of your install but going to the Help menu item, and choosing About Primavera … [Read more...]

The Biggest Problem with Primavera P6 Calendars, And How You Can Fix It

Primavera P6 Calendars

As planners and schedulers, we are tasked with managing mountains of project data everyday; progress updates, scenario projects, reports, reports and more reports. Data can quickly take over your life if you're not careful. And you don't have time for that. That's why a good system for organizing aspects of your project and project data goes a long way. My biggest frustration with Primavera P6 Calendars is the Global Calendar register and it's constant unruliness. (If you have a nicely … [Read more...]

Create A Festive Gantt Chart Xmas Tree In Primavera P6

Gantt Christmas Tree - Primavera P6 Training

For all you creative types out there who love to create something awesome in a manner which is rather non-traditional....this tutorial is for you. In the spirit of the holidays, here are the steps to create a festive Gantt chart Xmas tree in Primavera P6, complete with decorations. Getting Started with the Gantt Xmas Tree's Structure 1. Create a new, empty Project plan and name it "Gantt Xmas Tree". 2. On the Defaults Tab (Project screen), set the default Calendar to a 24 hour 7 days per … [Read more...]

How to Show the Critical Path in P6

Show Critical Path in P6

Can't find your Critical Path in Primavera P6? Don't worry, it might be hiding. Here are 4 easy ways you can laser-in on your project's Critical Path in P6. 4 Easy Ways to Show the Critical Path in P6 1. Check the Gantt Chart By default, the P6 Gantt chart will show your project's Critical Path activities in bright red. This makes it easy to have a quick glance at the Gantt Chart et voila!, your Critical Path stands-out like a safety vest.   Hey! It's not working! I don't see any red … [Read more...]

Critical Path vs Longest Path

critical path vs longest path

When it comes to your project's Critical Path, there are few topics more important to your client. The expectation is that YOU, dear scheduler, are the expert. So YOU had better know your project's Critical Path inside and out. But wait! ......Is it the Critical Path you should be reporting on, or the Longest Path? The terms Critical Path and Longest Path are often used interchangeably when discussing your project's super-high-priority sequence of work to deliver on time. It's confusing to … [Read more...]

How can I force an activity onto my project’s Critical Path?


Last week, I taught a Primavera P6 training course to some great folks in frosty Fort McMurray. As often happens, an interesting question came up about Critical Path. And this is not the first time this question has been put to me. But this time, I thought I would write about it. "How do I put an activity on my project's Critical Path in Primavera P6?" So here's the situation. A project schedule has been built and scheduled in Primavera P6. But for some reason, the planner is unsatisfied … [Read more...]

Here’s A Quick Way To Keep Your Milestones in Focus in Primavera P6

Primavera P6 Quick Tip Focus on Milestones

Milestone Activities in any schedule usually represent the most important deadlines, deliveries, start ups or drop-dead dates for a project. These are undeniably dates that you’ll want to stay on top of and keep close at hand in case you’re asked for a report or to check on the health of the project. But it can be difficult to search for milestones in a large schedule, and at the least it may take a few clicks to turn on a filter to show only your milestones. Filters are great, but once you … [Read more...]